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Emerging Voters Announces 2022 Midterm Slate of Candidate Endorsements

October 7, 2022


WASHINGTON – Today, Emerging Voters announced its slate of endorsements for the 2022 midterm state legislative elections. The 17 endorsees include State Senate and State House candidates across 12 states, ranging from Minnesota to North Carolina.

Emerging Voters Co-Founder and Executive Director Jonathan “JT” Wu said in a statement, “All across America, diverse leaders, grounded in and supported by their communities, are stepping up to fight for the values that unite us all as Americans: Opportunity, Community, Responsibility, Progress, and the enduring hope of the American Dream. Particularly when it comes to enhancing civic engagement within the broader Asian American community, now the fastest growing bloc of voters in the nation, it’s more important than ever that leaders tailor their messaging to meet voters where they are.”

“Using values-based and in-language messaging, Emerging Voters is thrilled to share the inspiring stories and forward-looking platforms of our talented slate of 2022 endorsees,” continued Wu. “These candidates hail from all across America and collectively represent the diversity and strength of our nation – all while maintaining a relentless focus on addressing the real policy issues that matter most to our families.”

Emerging Voters Board Chairwoman Ning Mosberger-Tang echoed these sentiments, saying in a statement, “AAPIs are the fastest growing demographic in the country. However, they account for less than 1% of all elected leaders. Today, we’re pleased to endorse this amazing group of leaders who have stepped up to serve - or continue to serve - and represent our diverse communities.”

The initial 2022 Emerging Voters Bench consists of:

Sen. Stephanie Chang, running for the Michigan State Senate, District 3

Sharon Chung, running for the Illinois State House, District 91

Becca DeFelice, running for the Texas State House, District 121

Aisha Farooqi, running for the Michigan State House, District 57

Rep. Padma Kuppa, running for the Michigan State Senate, District 9

Rep. Karen Kwan, running for the Utah State House, District 31

Ya Liu, running for the North Carolina State House, District 21

Sen. Tina Maharath, running for the Ohio State Senate, District 3

Rep. Cyndi Munson, running for the Oklahoma State House, District 85

Duy Nguyen, running for the Nevada State Assembly, District 8

Assemblywoman Rochelle Nguyen, running for the Nevada State Assembly, District 10

Rep. Tram Nguyen, running for the Massachusetts State House, 18th Essex District

Rep. Ranjeev Puri, running for the Michigan State House, District 24

Rep. Sam Singh, running for the Michigan State Senate, District 28

Susie Strom, running for the Minnesota State House, District 36A

Priya Sundareshan, running for the Arizona State Senate, District 18

Dr. Chao Wu, running for the Maryland State House, District 9A


Emerging Voters is a 501(c)(4) social welfare nonprofit dedicated to advancing the civic

engagement of AAPI voters and promoting the welfare of the AAPI community by focusing on

values important to each of our independent constituent groups, particularly in the Chinese

American and Korean American communities. Grounded in unifying themes of Opportunity,

Community, Responsibility, and Progress, Emerging Voters emphasizes values-based and

differentiated in-language messaging to forge a new path forward around the most pressing policy

issues of our time, ensuring that the AAPI community continues to have a place at the table in our

representative republic


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